Ep 31 - The Stevenson Sessions, Pt 1: Scott, the Modern Ambassador

If Scott Stevenson is the Senator, then Paul Giannamore is the Brother Whisperer. Paul has an epiphany moment as Scott turned the tables and questioned him about his custom communication methods.

As a third generation co-owner with brothers Doug and Rich, Scott takes us back to Modern's early days. Who knew it would involve repairing a toaster of all things?

In his twenties, Scott visited with Harvey Massey at Massey Services and Joe Thomas at Arrow Exterminators. These learning opportunities helped shape Modern's branch manager-centric structure. The Stevenson Brothers furthered their development by joining the ranks of Associated Pest and later The U Group.

It doesn't sound like much of a 'short straw', but one of the three brothers had to stay on post-Anticimex acquisition. Scott recalls his early days at Anticimex, and how he ranked against the global branches (and himself).

The Senator didn't overstay his welcome as a US-Sweden diplomat, in fact, he found himself as the VP of Operational Excellence. As a AX VP, Scott helped US Anticimex platforms balance best practices with their unique sales models.

Several Buzz-staples in this conversation, including subscription billing, service frequency, culture, and acquisitions.

From one RV'er to another. Court Parker is nearing 100-days on his Pest Control Technology and Control Solutions Inc road trip. Paul and Patrick invited Bug Busters USA CEO Court Parker into The Boardroom to discuss Senator-turned-Trailer Park Boy Scott. As a U Group co-founder, Court gives some history on his relationship with Scott and the peer group.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

The "Senator" steps into The Boardroom.
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