Ep 37 - Five Stars for Pest Control Pioneer Shelby Hawkins

Shelby Hawkins found herself in pest control with 3 kids, 2 college degrees, 1 ex-husband, and 0 business experience. Her maternal determination brought her from food stamps to financial freedom. As a pest control pioneer, Shelby broke the glass ceiling but in her humility, she credits providing for her kids. It wasn't hard enough that she was outnumbered as a female in pest control, but she found her state inspector making weekly visits.

Her female point of view set her apart during real estate interactions in Tucson, AZ. Ironically, real estate wasn’t ready for Shelby when it became time to buy an office.

Shelby attended a national trade convention, but still found herself as an outsider. Her determination kept her focused on learning from others. Years later, Shelby recalls Don Jamison offering a helping hand all the way from Memphis.

Is self-talk part of Shelby’s success? After reading Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book, Infinite Riches went from subconscious mind to landing in her lap.

Listen to how entitlement and false loyalty surfaced when it was time to sell 5 Star Termite & Pest. Even in her retirement, Shelby is practicing what she preaches: get out of your comfort zone.

Enter Kevin Burns and Arrow Exterminators. Now with $280 million combined between 137 branch offices, Arrow was the perfect fit for Shelby’s business. The Boardroom debriefs on Shelby’s love for working in the field. Join us as Kevin shares from his sixteen years of experience watching owners unwind from their businesses. Arrow’s culture is clear as Kevin shares their goals to keep 100% of their customers and employees following an acquisition. Paul gives credit to Kevin, Emily Thomas Kendrick, and Tim Pollard as they welcome new team members to their Arrow family. Listen for that same family approach during the discussion of branch size and employee opportunities.

In terms of the global economy and pest control’s impact on world health, industry perception is no laughing matter. Who knew that encouraging training and licensing would put Patrick on his soapbox?

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

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