Ep 42 - Jeff Bain on the Power of Customer Retention

Jeff Bain knows how to learn from others. Taking notes from his insurance colleagues, Jeff knew he had to build an annuity-based pest control business. His top priority was to protect the residential-heavy business from wild seasonality as he took over the reins at Bain Pest Control. During Jeff’s collegiate days, he found himself getting paid to learn from American Pest’s former leader, Jay Nixon. Similar to previous Buzz guest Jim McHale, Jeff even shares a nod to the Sameth family and their Residex reps’ willingness to help shape the recurring business model.

Relationships, referrals, and pricing chatter abound during this time in The Boardroom. When it comes to building a client base, Jeff takes over as teacher during this sit-down session. Listen for how Bain Pest Control’s retention rate and marketing budget stray from the norm. Jeff even makes time to answer a listener’s question about selling in the Northern climate.

Over 100 years after the Ukrainian immigrant entered the USA via Ellis Island, Jeff Bain found himself realizing it was time to sell the family business. When it was time to select an advisor to sell his business, Jeff decided on the advisor that had his best interest in mind. His high trust relationships led him to having several employee discussions before selling the near-centenarian business. You’ll hear how Jeff had his employees’ opportunities in mind while deciding on Rentokil as the best acquirer for the business. There are too many emotions to list in this Boardroom sit-down. Speaking of emotions, Jeff goes on to share a story that shows the soft-side of Potomac’s chief negotiator.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

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