Ep 44 - Mike Stanczyk on Drag-Along, Tag-Along, Options and Agreements

Mike Stanczyk makes time between closings for an encore appearance in The Boardroom. On this occasion, Mike fields shareholder agreement questions. From formal arrangements to napkins to none, hear how preparation and sophistication varies. Don’t feel alone if you find yourself without a proper agreement in place. Learn from others. Have these discussions. Proper agreements are borne from previous poor personal planning.

You know by now that family business in pest control is a reoccurring theme. Paul gives notice; verbal only arrangements are bad and corporate welfare is worse. Parenting advice uncovers family business trends and inherited titles via surname similarity.

Options are prolific in the tech industry, but Paul asks Mike about their place in pest control. The conversation is peppered with tax implications. Do options have their own tax advantages? Paul recalls when a sale was discovered with derivatives in the balance. You’ll hear how a ‘free and clear title’ isn’t a phrase unique to the auto industry.

If Patrick wasn’t having a hard enough time keeping up, Mike and Paul play a rhetorical game of tag-along and drag-along. Patrick can be difficult to deal with, but it’s the guest dragging Patrick along this week.

Following Paul’s judge and jury soapbox last week, what will this week’s legal disclaimer entail? Is Patrick the only one asking who an attorney represents? Should you find yourself calling Mike, remember that he is NOT LegalZoom.

There is more than one takeaway in this public service announcement of an episode. Whether you’re in a family business or not, always remember Mex’s Rule #1: don’t suck at life.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

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