Ep 53 - Turning it Around the Responsible Way with Darin Huffaker

One year after selling Responsible Pest & Scorpion Services to Certus, Darin Huffaker recalls the glory and not-so-glory days. From California to Arizona to Idaho, Darin and his brother, David Huffaker, made big moves along the way. Darin is quick to share mistakes, and how the siblings journeyed together in this turnaround.

Responsible found top-line growth on the doors, but it trickled all the way down to the bottom line. Add in the mix of recruiting plus ethics, and the brothers had to find another way to grow. Creditors turned down Darin and David left and right. Where could they turn as everyone else turned them away? Would saying no to business be the key to their bottom line success?

Hear about the evolution of their brand name, and the impact it had on their marketing. Scorpions were a powerhouse pest for this Phoenix player. Darin shares how it proved difficult to find the best formulation, and how he had to put his mad scientist R&D skills to the test. Who doesn't want to see scorpions die a painful death?

A price increase conversation comes back to The Boardroom, but this chat brings in a new angle. Perception is reality. Hear how Darin designed a small business mentality with white-glove service. For his team, technology was really a tool and not just a toy. From customer experience to remote working to online marketing, Responsible set themselves apart.

Good luck finding another Blackberry-shot video with more YouTube views.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

Darin opens up about the lessons learned along the way
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