Ep 78 - Teeka Tiwari: Bitcoin or Bust?

Peter Schiff argued for gold while denying all things Bitcoin in Episode 56. The Buzz makes its way back to the same table but this time for the flip side of the coin with world-renowned cryptocurrency expert Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka begins by admitting his skeptical start before diving into crypto. With his Wall Street roots, he saw this “magic internet money in 2011” as a flash in the pan. Before diving into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the myriad of alt coins, Teeka breaks down the blockchain basics. He recalls his Road to Damascus experience when he knew Bitcoin was here to stay.

Bitcoin as reserve asset and a speculative asset - is it possible to check both boxes? Hear how Bitcoin compares to gold as Teeka shares his opinion on going back to the gold standard.

Watch this San Juan Session in 4K on YouTube.

Filmed, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of www.Verbell.Ltd

Additional Videography by Gabriel Gonzalez.

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