Ep 79 - An Insider’s View on Executive Leadership with John Byrne

Grab a beverage, and join the Boardroom conversation about boardroom conversations. John Byrne, former editor at both Fast Company and BusinessWeek, goes into detail on the three collaborative works he did with businessmen Morton Mandel, Jack Welch, and John Scully. The conversation kicks off into his immersive work with Mandel in the book “It’s All About Who”. It’s a book that keeps on giving, or at least gifting. From Paul, that is.

From befriending the books’ subjects to his hours spent in the archives, John dives into the process of distilling their success.  He even shares the unquenchable trait he found between Mandel, Welch, Scully, and other successful businesspeople.

This chat pulls in lessons from outside the route-based service industry. From family business to ranking employees to implementing a factbook system, there is a lot to learn from this accomplished author, editor, and entrepreneur.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

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