Ep 89 - Jared Borg and Jay Keating: A Blank Check to Grow and Grow

Jared Borg and Jay Keating step into The San Juan Boardroom as the ink dries on their new business relationship. It’s a tale of two pest control backgrounds converging in this week’s San Juan Session. The two will get their own airtime in the future, but for now, dive into their background and hear how they arrived in The Boardroom.

Enter Jay Keating, CEO of PestCo, a new Thompson Street Capital Partners (TSCP) business. Jay first earned his stripes working for the legendary Chuck Steinmetz as a service technician at All America Termite & Pest Control aka Sears Pest. Now with 25 years in pest control, Jay returns to the industry he loves, but this time with a massive checkbook.

Let’s take a step back. Who is TSCP? Paul knows this too well. Private equity comes knocking to get into pest. This time persistence pays off. It took a lot more than persistence though. St. Louis-based TSCP’s Jeff Aiello put his money where his mouth is. Jeff recruited Jay and one day looking back, they’ll say the rest is history. For now, PestCo has access to a $1.3 billion fund, and in less than six months and three platforms later, PestCo has in excess of $40 million in annual revenue.

Enter Jared Borg. Hear how Jared and his business partner, Kyle Woodbury, grew Chicago-based Pointe Pest and DC-based Green Pest. Selling wasn’t in Jared’s playbook, at least not at 41-years old. He’s not ready to sit around and do nothing. The dust hasn’t settled yet as Jared gives his perspective on selling to strategics versus private equity. Hear his excitement as he now has “a blank check to go grow and grow.”

PestCo now has three platforms in three areas. So what’s next? What’s PestCo’s growth strategy? Jared’s itching to know so he can (buy and) build the marketing stool.

You’ll hear the guests agree that it’s all about the front-line workers; definitely said or shown in two different ways. One guest just happens to deliver booze.

The question you haven’t asked yet. Can Jared really sell and service Seth Garber’s meta real estate? … stay tuned.


Filmed, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of www.Verbell.Ltd

Additional Videography by Gabriel Gonzalez.

Additional Editing by Garrett Ware.

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