Ep 11 - Pest Control Business Goals and Proximate Objectives

Paul and Patrick respond to two PCT Top 100 listener questions with a previously glossed-over term from Episode 3, proximate objectives. By the way, what are proximate objectives? Don’t worry, Patrick asks for you.

The strategic acquirers are doing some thing(s) right, depending on the company, the point-of-view, and apparently what today’s date is. Does it matter? We drop a few names such as Rentokil’s Andy Ransom and Certus CEO (and Episode 7 guest), Mike Givlin.

Topics include : Establishing goals and objectives for your business, preparing a business for an acquisition anticipates all potential exit outcomes, benchmarking local pricing, and aligning shareholder goals and objectives.

Have you considered selling off distant routes to increase route density and in turn your gross margin? We discuss that in today's episode.

P.S. What does Chuck Norris have to do with pest control?

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