Ep 15 - William Blair's Wall Street Services Analyst Tim Mulrooney

Asset managers, hedge funds and private equity firms, collectively managing almost $1 trillion, call on Tim Mulrooney for his investment advice. As William Blair’s service analyst, he covers 20 stocks, but spends more than 50% of his time focusing on the pest control industry and three key players, Rollins, ServiceMaster (Terminix), and Ecolab.

Tim and Paul have debated valuation, asset price inflation, industry growth and fundamentals for years, but today he joins Paul and Patrick on The Buzz.

When Tim isn’t consuming The Boardroom Buzz, he’s consuming Milk Bottle Cookies. And when he isn’t consuming cookies, he is shopping for pest control services to test providers — rotating service providers as often as a termite swarm.

In an episode that barely squeaked by Tim’s compliance department, join Paul and Patrick as Tim details his thesis on the growth of the pest control industry and what he’s telling investors about where to put their money.

Email Tim for access to his freshly released report (tmulrooney@williamblair.com)

Tim Mulrooney delivers his equity research expertise on The Buzz
Tim Mulrooney delivers his equity research expertise on The Buzz.
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