Ep 26 - Benchmarking, Integrating & a Pest Control Chart of Accounts

It is one thing to look at the best industry performers, but what happens when you dig deeper into profit and loss statements?

Anticimex CEO Jarl Dahlfors attended ‘Pest World Congress in Nashville USA’ to research best in class in the industry to understand what was possible for Anticimex. Paul explains how Jarl now focuses on internal benchmarking. Taking a play from Michael Porter’s value chain analysis, Paul breaks down benchmarking like Jarl would at Anticimex.

Paul is going to release a standardized P&L chart of accounts for The Boardroom Buzz listeners. Where does margin development max out in the pest control industry? Apples to apples : compare margins with other pest control owners and world-class companies.

One of Paul's current sell-side clients recently spoke to a potential acquirer that operates in his area :“I don't even care about what you guys do. I don't even pay attention to what you guys do... I'm a market leader and sometimes market leaders have to forget what the competition is doing and they just have to get out and lead.”

Talk about not biting the hands that feed you… how do employee [unexpected] emotions change after an acquisition? Also, what is the importance of the last three years before selling?

The Buzz’s pilot episode was ‘Deals, Contingencies, and Gotchas’. Listen to Paul’s new take on due diligence and his stance on contingencies. Speaking of due diligence gone awry, who is to blame for attrition after Terminix acquired Alterra? Oil and water don’t mix. How could foosball-playing, segway-riding, hipster kids integrate with Terminex guys, or was the culture clash inevitable?

Paul answers several listener-submitted questions, including :

Provide a little more insight into Anticimex’s benchmarking process. How does it actually work in practice and how can I utilize it in my own business?

Assuming it would be Anticimex, will Jarl eventually transition the US brands into one brand?

With acquisitions in general, what are the first priorities in transitioning employees and customers to the new brand (assuming a brand change) or management?

To put yourself on the list to receive the pest control P&L chart of accounts, send an email to theBuzz@potomaccompany.com

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