Ep 30 - John Myers, CEO of $1.5 Billion Rentokil North America

For more than twelve years, John Myers, Rentokil North America CEO, has scaled a regional pest control business into a national empire. John describes the nuanced difference between success and excellence as his company has grown.

John opens up about fear of failure, a trait he shares with Rentokil Initial CEO Andy Ransom. Speaking of Ransom. How does John talk about their relationship between flagship Rentokil NA and HQ in London?

As a serial acquirer, John goes into sales mode to describe their differentiated capabilities, including a very deliberate and choreographed due diligence process. John highlights the #1 consideration that Rentokil North America has as a buyer, which may remind you of Episode 14. Similar to Episode 17, Paul engages with John as if he was a $5 million pest control business CEO. This episode wouldn't be complete without first discussing route density, its benefits, and the 'best new customer'. Before engaging a new customer though, John stresses the importance of customer retention.

Listen to John discuss time spent on the front lines with specialists and customers. Paul describes the role of a CEO; even those that aren't in the PCT Top 100 top tier.

John doesn't shy away from responding to what wasn't all good with "Allgood" as well as room for improvement with regard to mosquito and tick opportunities. Patrick didn't fail to ask John about brand equity. It turns out that in the future when asked this same question, John can reference this episode.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

Welcome John Myers to The Boardroom
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