Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of golf ball does George pull out of the whale's blow hole?

In this episode Kramer was hitting golf balls into the ocean. Later George is on the beach with his date and someone calls out for a marine biologist as there is a whale struggling in the shallows. George had lied to his date, saying that he is a marine biologist. He has no choice but to go into the water and try to save the whale. He eventually pulls out a golf ball from the whale's blow hole - a Titleist which is the brand of gold balls Kramer had been hitting in the ocean. The ensuing story that is told to the group from George is a classic "Seinfeld" moment which Jerry himself has said is his favorite scene from the whole series.

Jerry agreed to wear aN article of clothing for an interview. What was it?

"The Puffy Shirt" was the second episode of season five of "Seinfeld". It was written by Larry David. Because of a misunderstanding Jerry inadvertently agrees to wear a puffy shirt, designed by Kramer's current girlfriend Leslie, for an interview on "The Today Show". The interview is a disaster because Bryant Gumbel can't stop laughing at the shirt. In typical "Seinfeld" fashion there are several storylines going on involving the characters but all are affected by the puffy shirt.

What are the names of George's horses at his fictitious home in the Hamptons?

Answer: Snoopy and Prickly Pete

He pretends to own a house in the Hamptons to impress the recently deceased Susan's parents.

Why did George want to name his first born child "Seven"?

"The Seven" was the 13th episode of season seven. In it, George announces that he wants his firstborn child, boy or girl, to be named "Seven" in honor of his baseball hero Mickey Mantle who wore that uniform number. Susan vehemently disagrees, but George stands firm. Expecting moral support Susan tells her cousin Carrie, who is expecting, about it. Instead, Carrie and her husband Ken love the name and decide to name their child "Seven". This in turn upsets George who follows Carrie and Ken to the hospital in a last ditch effort to get them to change their mind, but they stand firm.

In "The Cigar Store Indian", what type of sandwich does the Group get?

Answer: Gyro

Elaine's gyro ruins Frank's TV Guide in which she took so she could read on the subway. As it turns out Frank collects TV Guides and he freaks out when it is missing.

In the episode "The Race", what is the name of Jerry's old high school nemesis?

Answer: Duncan Meyer

Duncan Meyer never was convinced that Jerry was faster than he was, so they have the rematch for the ages in this amazing episode.

On which day of the week did Jerry take over Newman's mail route?

Answer: Sunday

While Jerry was delivering mail, he was asked by one person, "Mail on Sunday?".
Later in the episode, Jerry was stripped of his status as substitute mail carrier because he delivered more than 50% of the route.

In "The Pledge Drive", what does Mr. Pitt eat with a knife and a fork?

Answer: Snickers

Elaine witnesses this moment first-hand and, in her confusion and quest for answers, she tells the others about this odd idiosyncrasy. This results in George eating a Snickers in the same way during a meeting at PBS prior to their pledge drive, and within a short amount of time, others around New York are doing much the same, much to Elaine's dismay.