Ep 103 - Daniel Schröer: Flipping the Switch on Green Tech

Pest control in Europe is different, but how? Futura Germany CEO Daniel Schröer steps in to share the perspective from his side of The Pond. Both Daniel and his business partner, Oliver Klute, are second generation bug guys. It must’ve been their destiny to develop and distribute the world’s first digital mousetrap.

Think you’re just too white and nerdy? Listen to how Futura Germany’s tech differs from Episode 74’s Ronen and Ethan’s.

There is more pressure to be green in Europe, in fact, the IPM pyramid takes on a new shape. Is this interview the beginning of getting on the same page for “green” in the industry? Beyond virtue signaling with green pest, what mindset must you need to succeed with green tech?

Winter is coming. The Boardroom conversation steers towards remote work, inflation, sanctions, and energy in this Europe-centric chat.

Audio Mixing and Editing by www.verbell.ltd

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