Ep 74 - The Future is Now: A.I. Is Disrupting the Pest Industry

Paul makes a trip to the Holy Land, but has he found the Holy Grail? Tel Aviv’s high-tech hub creates a new generation of mousetraps. Paul visits with Ronen Amichai and Ethan Vickery of PestOptix to see how future technology is now a reality. The pair of tech-forward thinkers go all-in on digital to change the industry.

Pest control is full of countless creatures, but the most reliable is the creature of habit. Has PestOptix created the disruptive monster that non-adopters fear? Imagine the day you’re not shelling out cash to check empty stations.

This one of a kind technology is ahead of what Anticimex and Rentokil deploy. Could this be your opportunity to stay ahead of the larger players? Ronen and Ethan created a camera-enabled, AI-driven system to keep you ahead of the competition. As you’ll hear, you can stay ahead of bad press with 24/7 monitoring. Ronen shares his customer interactions about transparency, thresholds, privacy, pricing, and service frequency.

As costs continue to go down, this technology also finds its home in the residential side of the business. Alexa, is there a rat in the house?

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

Paul sits down in Tel Aviv to visit with the PestOptix duo
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