Ep 108 - Compensation and Culture Conundrums

The King of Route Density, Tony Sfreddo, surprised us all in his Potomac TV debut. It’s time to take another shot in “The Great Civil War” compensation discussion. Does compensation affect the bottom line or M&A? Pick a team. Are you Team Tony, Team Patrick, or Team Seth Goes Both Ways?

Both pay structures have their benefits and limitations, but listen for Seth’s creative incentive in this week’s episode.

From paychecks to diabetes, could it be a home run when it comes to CEO’s knowing their front line employees? Speaking of culture, which word du jour will send this conversation down a rabbit trail?

Anxiety fills the air when it comes to the economy, and the employment market is ever-changing. How’s this for a new concept: hiring for life. Would you subscribe to this method?

Hurricane Ian left a wake of destruction in the Ft. Myers area, but there is a great story you don’t want to miss. Listen in on the conversation with PestCo’s Jared Borg and Southwest Florida Pool Pros Chaz Hambling. Big Boardroom Buzz shout out to Infinite Pest’s Jason Woodbury!

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