Ep 114 - High Stakes: At Risk of Losing Urban Entomology at Clemson

Welcome Scott Fortson of Terminix Service, Craig Heath of Aiken Pest, and Clemson’s not-quite-retired Urban Entomology Chair, Eric Benson PhD. The Clemson Urban Entomology Program needs to raise $5M to keep the urban entomology department at Clemson. No money = no endowment = no department.

What is urban entomology? Why does this endowment matter to the industry outside of South Carolina? Who better to ask than Rentokil Terminix’s Director of Technical Services Cassie Krejci, PhD? Cassie steps back in but this time as a co-host to field these questions as she shares her personal experience raising endowment funds while at Texas A&M University.

We’re all in this together…. To donate, go to scueca.org

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