Ep 101 - Technical Services 101 with Cassie Krejci PhD

Dress in your best socks and sandals because class is in session. Welcome @cassiethebugdoc aka the face of Terminix into The Boardroom.

“Nerd” is a term of endearment for this not-your-everyday-entomologist. Cassie Krejci takes an approachable expert approach as she oversees training, safety, and compliance for Terminix’s over 11,400 employees. From her days in technical services to her present day role as the Director of Technical Services, she brings it in this episode that has its fair share of nerdy and non-nerdy moments.

At what point does it make sense for you to add technical services onto your roster? Will Seth Garber’s thoughts on technical expertise get him kicked out of entomology conferences?

Remember, there can only be one company that is first in the phonebook ;)

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