Ep 118 - Buy-Side 102: Realistic Expectations

With buy-side M&A on the mind, how do you go about grounding a seller whose visions include sugar plum fairies and a whole lot more? Who doesn’t loooooove a good Fat Pat case study? This time, unreasonable exit-minded Fat Pat comes back to reality.

Interest rates, yield curve control, NINJA loans; the list goes on. There are a lot of dynamics at play in this economy and valuations, but what-say-you about Mr. Giannamore setting the market price? This Boardroom chat dives into to cash on cash returns, capital allocation, and more. And as you know, at a level even Fat Pat can understand.

If that’s not enough, stick around for the conversation surrounding residential pricing and frequency.

With expansion on the mind, make sure to email us at thebuzz@potomaccompany.com 

Post-synergy or not, we still love you Delores.

Audio Mixing and Editing by www.verbell.ltd

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