Ep 119 - The Flip Side: A Sell-Side Perspective

Buyers appreciated the sage advice and a good ol’ Fat Pat case study in Episode 118, but Paul turns the tables.

Sellers, take heed. The stage is set for one last push for sellers. Is it 1st Quarter or Bust in this economic environment? M&A is a high-risk, high-reward table if the cards are played right. Take note of the buyer who is helping you avoid running a formal process.

Birds and bats and bobcats. Oh my. From cash flow to selling, what does the Wizard have to say about wildlife and other auxiliary services? Does private equity view wildlife with different spectacles than the traditional acquirers? What’s scarier than all of these wild animals put together? Finding the one way to measure customer retention.

From psychology to anchoring to overconfidence bias, Paul shares his perennial reference book for both M&A professionals and business owners.

Audio Mixing and Editing by www.verbell.ltd

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