Ep 140 - Food Safety and Pest Control Intersect with PSSI’s Paul Lambert

Step on into The Boardroom to hear from PSSI’s VP of Strategic Development, Paul Lambert. As a leading food safety company, PSSI is responsible for opening more than half of the food production plants in the US every morning. From labor to chemistry to software to consulting, hear how PSSI found its way into pest control. Their strategic approach involves not just expanding customer numbers but enhancing service capabilities. Do you offer a guarantee as strong as PSSI’s?

Safety plays no small role in this billion dollar enterprise. Balancing their approach between authority with accountability, you’ll hear a lot about PSSI’s team structure. As critical team members, how do PSSI’s field workers collaborate for seamless service?

The Boardroom dives into the strategy behind PSSI’s expansion. Upstream? Downstream? This way? That way? Just can’t blame an optimistic capitalist.

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