Ep 52 - The Bug Guys on Breaking the Rules (of 23) & Selling to Certus

Tracy Judnich along with his two business partners, Joe and Jeremiah, led The Bug Guys to a solid (and speedy) exit. Certus has taken over, but looking back, what would Tracy do differently?

Paul gives props to Tracy's unique capabilities. You'll be hard pressed to find a denser service map. That mad focus went straight to the bottom-line. Join the conversation as The Rule of 23 goes under the interrogation lamp. What top-line and bottom-line growth did his business have? How does it compare to Mike Rogers', Jim McHale's, and...Patrick's business?

The business had roots on the doors. In fact, he reveals his connection to a previous Buzz guest. The Bug Guys maximized sales at the door, but it wasn't on the doors. Tracy gives details to this specific concept plus other start-up advice.

You'll hear his opinion on selling over the phone and experience with bundling sales. The funny thing is that Tracy can't turn off his salesmanship. Who knew explaining employee benefits would turn into a sales presentation? He describes how compensation is more than an hourly rate.

Stick around to hear Paul preach on pricing again. Is it ever too little too late for a price increase? Uh oh. Does Paul need to call Bobby?

It's 2am. What are you smoking?

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of hdaudiopost.com

Tracy wore several hats as one of The Bug Guys
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