Ep 84 - A Legacy of Learning with Pest Daily’s Seth Garber

Seth Garber’s first venture into the pest control industry lasted four years before selling his Florida-based business. It may be hard to retire from pest control at age 31. It’s even harder to stay away. Seth has already built quite the resume for 41-years young. Finding himself back in pest control, he brings his experience from both health care and high tech.

Seth got sucked back into the industry as a consultant. The three chat about the various consulting methodologies and where Seth sits on the playbook-scale. Now that Seth has boomeranged his way back into pest control, Paul wants to know if Seth sees it more or less competitive now than before. It’s ok for CEO’s to make bad decisions, but is there a tell-tale sign of what makes for a bad CEO?

Pest Daily started as a passion project, but hear about its quick growth trajectory and the variety of courses it offers. What started as leaving a legacy, has grown into an industry leader for education.

Maybe you sensed this coming, technology enters The Boardroom discussion. Is there a place in the industry for a gig economy? Speaking of gig economy, Seth shares his tested opinion on customer touchpoints.

Stay tuned for a set of soliloquies that cover the gamut from self-development to competition to sacred cows. Maybe next time Seth visits The Boardroom, it’ll be in SethGarberLand’s metaverse.

Co-Produced, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of Verbell.Ltd

Seth Garber gives a new spin on the 80/20 Rule
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