Ep 90 - Jared Borg has never regretted being bold

You first heard about Chicago-based Pointe Pest in Episode 15 with Tim Mulrooney. Tim gave Pointe props on his annual-recurring research quest. Now 75 episodes ago, was selling even a consideration for Jared Borg and his partner, Kyle Woodbury?

Rewind 16 years (and $20M of annual revenue). How did Pointe get its start? Hear how Jared, Kyle, and Aaron Allred knew sales from their shared days at Eclipse, but Jared admits they didn’t know how to run a business. Somewhere along the way, they found themselves operating a DC-based Green Pest as well. Jared shares how his business evolved, including buying-out mentor and now billionaire Aaron Allred along the way.

An in-house tech developer, SQL, BI… is this a tech company that happens to do pest control? Jared saw that business was going flat so it was time to go cutting edge. That doesn’t mean he needed to reinvent the wheel. In fact, his 5-Star Service protocol was “stolen”. You’ll hear about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to displaying data for all employees to see. Jared is quick to share his experience with how much data is too much and what shouldn’t be gamified. In fact, Jared doesn’t bat an eye before rattling off his top 3 or 4 KPIs.

Surviving this recent sell-side process with a 90-day fiancé theme, Jared shares how his experience differed from a more common 100% buy-out with a strategic buyer. In his new role at PestCo, a portfolio company of Thompson Street Capital Partners, strategy is the real buzz in this Boardroom chat. Paul and Jared dig into trusting others’ input, growth strategy, and replacing yourself in this real-world session.

Take Jared’s advice on making hard decisions and getting out of the way. It’s his life motto though that’s really going to resonate with you.

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Filmed, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of www.Verbell.Ltd

Additional Videography by Gabriel Gonzalez.

Additional Editing by Garrett Ware.


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