Ep 93 - Byron Gifford: On 'Another' Mission From God

You don’t want to miss this conversation with Byron Gifford. There are grandaddies of door-to-door, but there’s only one “great grandaddy”. Even before Eclipse, Byron laced up his tennies at SalesNet. See for yourselves; he’s older than he looks. Byron has more than his fair share of hard times. After running (yes, literally running) doors his second summer, the anticipated $60k backend came up really short. Lyme disease goes under the microscope in this memorable episode. Through financial and physical trials, Byron has found a way to overcome.

Pointe Pest was his baby. As you can imagine, in an interview filled with ups and downs, Pointe hit rock bottom for Byron. Based on personal experience, Byron shares his opinion on the looming disaster for leveraged D2D businesses. Forced to get out of pest control for a bit, Byron continued to sell in other industries. Pupil turned principal of the School of Hard Knocks, Byron put his money on “the turtle”, and returned to the pest industry.

From recruiting with projectors, pizza, and paystubs to leveraging sub-, senior-, and family- debt, Byron looks back at the D2D landscape over the years in this candid sit-down. Having just sold a couple Evergreen Pest Control branches in Colorado to EnviroPest an Anticimex platform, you know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Now stronger for surviving tough experiences, this conversation goes deep on mindset, success, and overcoming.

Quick question. If Paul got to choose the location for his mission, would it be Bangkok or Tijuana?


Filmed, Edited, and Mixed by Dylan Seals of www.Verbell.Ltd

Additional Videography by Gabriel Gonzalez.

Additional Editing by Garrett Ware.

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